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Dedicated Consulting to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Let’s forget trying to grow your business for just a moment. It’s completely realistic that right now, your goal is just to start crossing even one thing off your to-do list during the day. Without organization and structure, we get bogged down with the day-to-day tasks of replying to emails and submitting paperwork. We end up trying to just keep our heads above water and ignore all the planning we want to do because we’re just trying to get the bare minimum done.

I can help.

Maybe you have a specific challenge to overcome, or goal you’re hoping to accomplish, or maybe you’re just trying to swim instead of sink. My private consulting sessions can help get you there. From running your real estate business day-to-day, to onboarding more staff, to identifying gaps where you’re losing time and money, I’ve been there, and came out the other side. With my 16+ years of Real Estate expertise, I’ll work with you to dive deep and break down the barriers of what’s holding you back.

Let’s work together on a problem or opportunity you want to focus on. Not sure what package is right for you? Check out my FAQs for more details. 

Package 1

  • 5 One Hour Sessions

  • Total Cost: $2,500

Package 2

  • 10 One Hour Sessions

  • Total Cost: $4,500 (10% Discount)

Package 3

Premium Plus
  • 15 One Hour Sessions

  • Total Cost: $6375 (15% Discount)

1-Hour Consulting Call 

  • Meet with Jen 1:1 to discuss your unique opportunities or challenges

  • Total Cost: $500

Not ready to commit, but still overwhelmed keeping up with the day-to-day, and struggling to grow your business?

So often we get caught up with the smaller, urgent tasks, and we’re too busy or exhausted to work on the parts of our business that allow it to grow. If you’re struggling to follow up with past clients, lost in the paperwork weeds (have you ever not been paid because you forgot to submit your deal paperwork?) or have you ever looked on MLS and found one of your leads has listed with another agent because you didn't systemize your business? 

The good news these problems are all easy to fix!


Let's chat to find out which area of your business we can help first by booking a 15 minute discovery call.

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