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After 16 years of experience as a Real Estate Agent and my background in developing quality management systems designed to improve operational flaws (see more info on the ISO 9001 course here), I wanted to help simplify the process for other agents. So many agents get into this business with a dream to work less, be their own boss, and make unlimited sums of money - but with no real idea of how to do those things.

My coaching and effective sales techniques will help you feel more confident, save you time, and help you grow your business.

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About Jen Dumitrescu


Born and raised in Toronto, I’ve spent almost three decades in sales, with 16 years as a successful real estate agent and broker. 

I started my career like most realtors - excited, a little nervous… and completely left to my own devices. Through experience, mentorship, and a zealous desire to improve, I now share years of valuable information with new and experienced realtors alike, helping you feel more confident, more organized, and less stressed.

Discover more about me here, and let’s connect.

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Grab a coffee, a glass of wine, or your favourite sparkling water as I share my thoughts, questions, and slice of real-estate-life observations.

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