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Entrepreneur Burnout - anyone have it?

To all my Real Estate agents or any entrepreneur - Has this thought crossed your mind in 2023 at all?

You think you still want to stay in real estate, but for the past year you’ve struggled to feel excited about your work.

It could be because:

You have less leads, or

The buyers you have are taking a lot longer to make a decision or

You thrive in a hectic market but feel no motivation when things are slow and you have ZERO desire to do all of the boring day to day admin tasks that you know you should do and that weigh on you.

This is a form of burnout.

Many agents believe in the ‘work hard’ ‘play hard’ model or ‘make hay while the sun shines’. If that was the best way to run a business, then every entrepreneur would work that way right?

As we start to wind down in 2023, I’ve had lots of agents say they don’t want to continue with the constant cycle of work hard, burnout, work hard, burnout etc.

What if you could avoid this cycle and have more consistency and admin work was easier? Would it change how you set your business up for 2024? In fact I can make things even easier for you with already done systems.

The Toronto real estate market is full of so many things outside of a realtor’s control. Why not take control of the things you can?


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