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Should listing agents be present at showings?

Do you cringe when a seller says “I want you to be present at all showings”

Do you cringe when you, as a buyer agent, see that the listing agent is going to be present at your showing?

For the most part it’s awkward for everyone.  

And I get it, the seller really wants to make sure that buyers hear or see all the special features about their home, with the hope that it makes the potential buyer love it as much as they do.

But if you think about it from a pure sales perspective, it’s actually the worst thing they can do and it could actually cost them the sale.

In this short video, I explain why it’s actually NOT in the seller’s best interest to have us present and I share the idea that the best service we can provide to our sellers is to look at things from the buyer’s perspective.  

Would love to hear your thoughts after you watch the video!


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