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Ever feel like you are doing it all as a real estate agent?

If you receive my newsletter, you know that I believe in the time value of money and more importantly determining what YOUR hourly wage is as it relates to the tasks you do in real estate.

The #1 mistake I see people make, whether it’s new real estate agents or ones that have been around for over 10 years: is trying to do it all.

If you are like many agents, you believe that it’s cheaper, easier and really who can do it better than you? But if that was the smartest way to run your business the role of admin assistant wouldn’t exist.

Think about it for a minute: Do CEO’s of successful companies run it all themselves?

Are doctor’s at hospitals managing patients all by themselves?

So why do you believe, as a real estate agent, or better put as an entrepreneur, you should be doing that? Why should all the tasks in your day (many of them not money generating tasks) be managed by you? Clearly the best CEO’s/leaders are not doing that.

And if you continue running your business like this, which is probably what you have been doing for many years, you could continue to stay stuck at a certain income level or client capacity or worse suffer burnout.

So what do CEO’s or agents that have found balance in their lives do?

  1. They automate their business

  2. They take inventory of the money producing tasks and the non money producing tasks

  3. They calculate what their current hourly rate is and what their desired hourly rate is

  4. They focus on money producing tasks

  5. They get help - and this can be thru various people per task or one specific person - it really depends on how you want to run your business and where you want your business to go: both financially and growth wise

  6. They start to plan for their exit from the business

  7. They find ways to streamline what they are currently doing.

  8. They start looking at their business like an actual business being run by a CEO - not just thinking real estate is a job

So let me ask you, Do you want to continue being solely responsible for every single task in your business, pretending to be a jack of all trades, running yourself into the ground, or providing your clients with an inconsistent experience, which further dampens your chance of referrals and growth, or are you ready to start looking at things differently. Are you ready to step away from how so many agents have done things before because they were unaware that there is a better way?


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