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Streamline your 2 minute tasks

Put in time now, gain it back later

I know, I know – it’ll only take a second to send that client info over. And then, just three minutes, maximum, to confirm the showings for tomorrow.

But hey – we both know you’ll be at your laptop for another three hours – not three minutes. The fact is, there’s just always one more thing that can suck you in. So – how do you fight the compulsion and deal with all those small tasks that take just one more minute?

Well, I’ll tell you – and you might not like it.

It’s all about putting in the work now, to save you time later. It might seem like it’s more work, but trust me, streamlining and prepping your tasks is going to save you hours down the road.

Here’s a few of the biggest timesucks you can find yourself with, and how to correct them:

  1. The problem: Find yourself constantly jumping back and forth between tasks? Maybe you’re always running late for appointments because you’re trying to update your notes and send a thank you email to the showing agent, your clients, prospective buyers, etc. No matter how you try to stay on top of these small tasks, you find yourself doing them 10 times a day, and always feeling rushed.

  2. The solution: As much as possible, do all the same tasks at the same time. That means instead of sending emails to clients you met with that day after each call or meeting, you reserve an hour at the end of each day for correspondence. You jump around less, let yourself get in the zone, and do the work faster when you do it all at once.

  3. The problem: Speaking of emails, you’re not still writing personalized emails from scratch for every situation… right?

  4. The solution: I know – ‘personalization is key!’ says everyone. And it is – to a degree. When you’re spending hours during your week writing detailed, personal notes to everyone you met with, you’re wasting time that could actually be providing them with more value. Instead, create some basic templates that cover your most common occurrences, and include smaller sections for personalization – a detail about a listing here, a funny anecdote about an outdated bathroom there. You’ll save yourself time, and still seem relatable.

  5. The problem: From confirming the arrival time for the photographer, to booking the elevator for the staging furniture, to ensuring the ‘For Sale’ sign is on the lawn, there’s a ton of small tasks for almost every aspect of the listing process.

  6. The solution: You won’t get far without a great checklist. Make it impossible to forget a task, and keep it regularly updated with new techniques or things you notice sometimes get forgotten. Create a shared digital copy that lets you work in real time with assistants or other agents to mark items as completed, and know who’s responsible for what (you know, so you don’t end up with four photographers, forgetting to pick up keys or emailing the wrong lawyer documents for the sale).

Still feeling overwhelmed? Not to worry – after all, that’s what I’m here for. Book a quick intro call with me, and find out how you can streamline all your tasks with just one move: hiring me to do it for you.


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