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The Benefits of a Real Estate Consultant

Do you want to grow your business as an agent? Or maybe you’re wondering how to take things to the next level and start diversifying your income stream. No matter what the specifics are, when it comes to putting some of your hard-earned money toward outside expertise, coaching and consulting are two options that will be helpful to you in different ways. Wondering what the differences are between a real estate consultant and a coach? Read on as we break down each type of mentorship and determine the best fit for you!

Real Estate Coaches

Real estate coaches tend to focus on your client-facing activities: things like how to land new clients, how to best manage your existing clients, and how to problem-solve and communicate your way through those tricky situations that will inevitably crop up.

If you’re considering coaching, you can’t throw a stone on the Internet without hitting dozens of choices. Real Estate coaching really took off in the late ’80s, so there are many different styles and varieties of coaches. Find yourself an effective and competent one, and you’ve found a great accountability partner who will help you push yourself to improve in these areas.

If you need help on a deal-by-deal basis a real estate coach is the way to go. Even better if you can find local real estate professionals with insights into your area. It might not be your most cost-effective option, but it’s a great option for someone looking to jump headfirst into buying and selling homes.

Real Estate Consultant

But consulting goes deeper. Much deeper – to all the things most real estate agents were never trained to do.

A consultant helps you focus on the parts of your business that you probably don’t think about… or in some cases, the parts you wish would just go away. Your systems, your processes — the parts your clients don’t see, but the ones that make a huge difference in how you work with them. Which, taken together, will dramatically impact a client’s experience with you. I like to think of it as the backend operations that make your business run.

They specialize in turning any commercial real estate investor into a full-fledged business owner. Your consulting firm will work with you on a long-term vision for your company. And you will benefit from their experience working in the real estate market.

Wrap Up

As your real estate consultant, I’m here to help you refine all these backend activities. And unlike a typical coach or mentor offering the same tips to everyone, as a consultant, I work with each client in a unique way.

Rather than following a one-size-fits-all formula, I work to your specific needs. As a result, how we work together is 100% customized to your business!

It starts with a chat about where your business’s soft spots are. Not sure where they might be? Have no fear! Together we’ll pinpoint your biggest “at-risk” areas, zeroing in on the issues we should target first.

From tackling one key problem area you need help with (we all have them!) to a full overhaul of your day-to-day logistics, it’s my job to help your business function better, streamline, and grow.

Not sure you’re ready to make the leap or feeling intimidated by the process? You can always start small! I suggest checking out my book, How to Run a Successful Real Estate Business. It’ll give you a great overview without too much of a commitment to full-time consulting or coaching, and then when you’re ready, you can get more personal with the help that directly affects your business.

So when you’re ready to get down to business together, I’m here! Let’s fix your headaches and get you back to doing what’s most important to you.


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