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The importance of building a good database

And keeping it that way

“Database.” Sounds scary, right? Like hours of inputting data to set up, and then (this is the worst part): you’ve got to maintain it.

But, a good database can mean the difference between knowing a client just had a baby, and asking them, ‘So, when are you due?’ the next time you see them. In other words? It’s vitally important.

Here’s 10 other reasons why a great database is key to building a successful business.

  1. Track all your contact with clients, so you can easily see who’s due for a quick check-in call.

  2. Add in personal details, like kid’s names, life events, or job changes. Your clients will appreciate you remembering.

  3. Keep track of what stage of life your clients are in. First condo? First home together? Know their backstory, and help them plan for the future.

  4. It can help you pinpoint a niche you’re filling, and advertise more specifically to that demographic to earn more business.

  5. Use it to identify if it’s time to do some more prospecting, and gain new clients.

  6. A good database allows for automation and delegation, making it easy to track tasks, especially when you’re not the one completing all of them.

  7. Never lose track of a client’s contact info and risk a sale again.

  8. Easily contact all your clients at once with important updates like contact info changes, or a regular newsletter.

  9. Identify how your clients are finding you, and determine which of your marketing initiatives are working best.

  10. It creates sincerity among your clients. You’ll become more invested in them, and in turn, they’ll become more invested in you.

For guidance on creating a solid database, let’s connect.


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