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What type of agent are you?

This is going to be a bit of a touchy subject.

Everyone believes they’re a great agent.

I sure think I'm a great agent..

If all agents were GREAT agents, there wouldn’t be public mis-trust that exists, we would all behave professionally and treat each other in a mature & kind manner and all deals would run smoothly. And yet that’s not the case. Why?

It isn’t totally our fault. Our provincial regulators, boards and even our brokerages could do a WAY better job guiding the real estate industry.

Alas…they don’t.

So we are left to fend for ourselves. And the boundaries are too wide. What does professionalism mean? It could mean something completely different to me than it does to you.

And therein lies the problem.

So what to do?

First, agree that the public judges ALL of us by everyone’s behaviour. So even though I do my very best to operate from an ethical perspective and treat everyone with respect, Agent X might do something really stupid that purely serves their own ego or bank account and it tarnishes it for the rest of us.

With TRESA’s new rules which will be implemented as of December 1st 2023 in Ontario, agents are really going to have to explain our worth to our clients. This will be our time to show our worth and demonstrate from a place of value why it’s in the buyer’s best interest to have our representation.

Are you prepared for this? Is your business set up to provide exceptional service to your clients? Are you consistent? Do you show such amazing value that buyers without a doubt know you are the one they should be working with? And more importantly do other agents want to work with you?

I really want to reshape the public’s opinion of us. Do you?


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