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Working 24/7 might seem like a smart idea, but is it the best for real estate success?

Working 24/7 does NOT guarantee success in real estate, in fact it might be one of the worst things you can do in real estate.

And I get it. Lots of agents do it, the market is crazy at times, so it’s easy to fall into that trap.

But let me ask you: Are all the agents that work 24/7 super successful or making tons of money?


And you are actually at higher risk of bad client relationships, earning less money or worse burn out.

So how can you be successful in real estate without working all the time?

  1. Get proactive, not all the time, because obviously real estate can be very spontaneous and the best agents are able to respond well during those times BECAUSE they are pro-active

  2. Be more organized, and not in the paper filed away, or my inbox in cleaned kinda way, but in how you RUN your business

  3. Live a more intentional lifestyle

It’s tempting when the Toronto real estate market ebbs and flows as much as it does to keep thinking that working 24/7 is the best way to earn the most amount of money. Is that way of life worth risking your own health or the relationships you have in your life, or do you want to find a different way to run your business so you can live a more balanced life and actually make MORE money?


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