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What would happen if?

Do females have the opportunity to change our business direction one positive thought at a time?


I was reading one of P!NK's recent IG posts the other day. She was discussing how the interviewer brought up a mis-step of her’s from 20+years ago instead of solely focusing on the release of her latest album. She found it quite upsetting and said:

“ I wonder when the last time Bradley Cooper or Robert Deniro were asked in interview after interview about any argument they’d ever had. How about Christian Bale? We stick to the art with them, Don’t we? I’d like to have the same opportunity.”

She also mentioned that she’s out of practice at:

Dodging the bullshit that gets thrown at us hard working women.”

I was thinking about how much it really affects people when you only focus on the negative vs. the positive.



As a female entrepreneur, I’m always putting myself out there. I do things that are WAY outside my comfort zone almost weekly. I have stern talks with myself when I get scared or I say things like “I can’t do this” or “I’m not good enough to do that”.

I regularly force myself to let go of fear. There are times I fail. There are times when I feel ridiculous. There are many times when I get it wrong. It feels pretty crappy when someone points that out, brings it up or worse, won’t let it go.

- Why do people need to stay in the negative or in the drama so long?

- Why do people like to bring up other’s mistakes?

- Is it because they don’t know any better?

- Is it because they are not aware they are doing it?

- Is it because it makes them feel better?

Whatever the reason, I wish more people focused on what people have accomplished and the good vs where they may have faltered. For whatever reason people love drama. The MEDIA loves drama even more. Often at the cost of other people’s wins or success stories.

What this does is it fails to recognize what was involved in getting to that accomplishment. The hard work, the tough conversations, the tears, the steps back only to finally move forward.

When I wrote my book, I had to force myself to sit down every night 4x/week between 4-6pm to write. For the first hour I would fiddle around, do a million unnecessary little things just so I didn’t have to write. And then would finally get to it at 5pm. It was HELL. So much so that when the book finally got published, I glazed over the fact that I had made it there. I didn’t celebrate or appreciate what I had accomplished. I can’t imagine what would have happened if someone immediately criticized or brought up something completely irrelevant to the book about my past just for the sake of.


On this International Women’s Day 2023, I would like to offer a ‘what if’ scenario to bring awareness to this situation and also in hopes of taking small baby steps to improve things for our future.

Imagine what would happen if:

People started to have awareness of the type of questions that they ask and focus their intent differently?

If we lived in a world where people only focused on the positive?

If we interacted with just one person in a more positive manner every day?

What if the media went in a completely different direction? What if drama wasn’t the main focus?

What if the CEO’s of the large media companies encouraged its female newscasters/reporters etc. to create a new interview path?

What if sponsors didn’t sponsor the drama?

What if we didn’t do what’s been done by (in most cases) many men before?

In my opinion, it would really help set apart a new generation of leaders vs the old school followers.

I’m blessed that I’m surrounded by a very positive & supportive environment. And I ask myself everyday, how I can help one other person feel that same support. As the late Bob Proctor said: “Leave everyone with the impression of increase”

I know it might seem like it’s miles away or a bit unrealistic right now. I bet many people back in the early 1900’s never imagined a car might be able to drive itself or that a website would be able to write your school essay. If we all just start with one step, imagine where we might be in 30 years?

Just something to consider.

(You can see her post on Feb 25th - there is a picture of her and her daughter)


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