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How Knowing Your Customers Can Help You

And how it can help your business

If you know Rachel likes to text, and Eli hates phone calls, it can help cement great relationships that will see you through multiple home purchases. I’ve talked about the importance of a great database here, but I can’t reinforce it enough. But beyond a great database, how else can you ensure you’re connecting with your clients?

Luckily, I’ve got a few easy suggestions on ways to connect with your clients emotionally. And luckily, they’re just that – easy.

  1. Learn to read body language

When a client walks into a home, do they walk gingerly on the old shag carpet? Not bother opening closets? Are their arms crossed the entire time? It should be clear already – they’re not interested in this home, at least not as-is. Stop selling the as-is features, and check in to see what they’re really thinking.

  1. Read between the lines

Sometimes easier said than done, but always important. Don’t just consider what your clients are saying – consider what they’re not saying as well. If someone is lamenting about the loss of outdoor space when moving from a house to a condo, but keeps reassuring you, ‘it’s fine, they’ll get used to it,’ they might be pleasantly surprised if you offer to show them a few houses, ‘just in case they’re interested.’ You’ll show your value, and they’ll appreciate your sensitivity and perception.

  1. Follow their lead

If you notice your clients only respond to your emails at night, or call you back when you text them, it could be an indication that they prefer to communicate in a different way. Follow their lead and mimic their style, and you may end up with happier, and more satisfied clients.

  1. Make it official

Consider starting any relationship, whether with buyers or sellers, with a questionnaire. See what their fears are, what they’re excited about, and what’s a priority with them. This also has the added bonus of protecting you and giving you the opportunity to ask about outstanding loans, home info, etc. Track it in your database so it’s always handy to reference.

  1. Ask questions

When in doubt – ask. Instead of guessing on how your clients like to communicate, or what they value, ask them, and get a straight answer that helps both of you work better together.

Looking for more ways to boost emotional connections with your client base? Let’s book a call and work together to create long-lasting client relationships.


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