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When was the last time you Googled yourself?

It might be time to get digging

You do it for your dates, your daycare, and any home repair company – but when was the last time you searched your own name?

You can bet that any savvy client is going to do an in-depth online search, so it’s important to beat them to the punch. But if nothing shows up, is that good, or bad?

Here’s my key pieces of advice for having a secure, yet prominent online profile – and what to watch out for.

  1. Think you’re ahead of the game because nothing comes up with your name? Think again. If you can’t find you, neither can potential clients.

  2. Online reviews matter. Just like you’d check out a restaurant rating, it’s important to know what people are saying about you. Ask your clients to share their thoughts on working with you with an easy (automated!) follow-up email post-sale, and ensure those reviews are easily searchable online by linking them on your website. Make sure when someone searches Your Name + Real Estate, your website is listed. This is where having a unique name, or company name can come in handy, as well as ensuring you’re using the right search terms on your website and online profiles.

  3. Just because you untagged yourself from those embarrassing photos doesn’t mean they’re gone. Contact old friends on Facebook, Instagram, and any other channels, and get them to remove photos entirely if they’re problematic.

  4. Keep things fresh. If you haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile in years, that’s a great place to start.

  5. Get your name out there. Whether through writing guest blogs, media interviews, or award listings, the more your name appears online for things you’re proud of, the more those hits will be featured over things like your high school graduation announcement your mom just couldn’t resist posting.

Looking for more advice on how to improve your online profile and overall business? Let’s talk.. Now – get searching!


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